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Join us every other week for the Best Practice for building YOUR best practice. With discussions from successful practitioners, experts, and peers, we explore how to build and maintain the healthy practices that let practitioners focus on their passion, patients, and strengths.

Healthier Practices for Healthier Patients

Quotes There are so many patients that need our help, and that need an integrative, naturopathic, functional approach to healthcare. The health of our business sets the pace for how many patients we’ll be able to support, how many we can help find wellness, and how much impact we can have on our community. Quotes

-Dr. Jaclyn Chasse, ND
Practitioner and VP Emerson Ecologics & Wellevate

Anytime, Everywhere.
Be There.

With Wellevate, your patients can order anytime, anywhere, from any device. No matter how busy you or your patients are, Wellevate gives them the freedom to connect when it’s most convenient. This lets you be where your patients are, helps ensure treatment plan compliance, and lets you easily earn passive revenue.