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Experience the power of staying connected.

Here's what your Wellevate Virtual Dispensary® can do for you.

Grow revenue and decrease physical inventory. Get access to an endless online aisle of skincare products and nutraceuticals.


Form stronger patient connections. Stay connected between visits through messages, attachments, and more.


Increase patient compliance. Easily share regimens and monitor reorders for better outcomes.

Dr Wendy

"Wellevate is like nothing you've ever done before. It's a unique, self-generating revenue stream that amplifies efficiency, time management and patient compliance. There's no smarter way to modernize your practice."

— Dr. Wendy Roberts Leading Board Certified Physician, Dermatologist & Dermatopathologist, Wellevate Advisor
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Patients are 2X more likely to purchase practitioner-recommended products*

Better for you.
Better for your patients.

Discover an easier way for your patients to get what they need.
How It Works
  • folder

    You recommend the right regimen for each patient.

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    Patients use their Wellevate account to easily order and set up auto-refills.

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    We ship all products to your patient conveniently in one box.

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